Garrett has produced and edited video content for Grassroots to ChampionsAmerican Ice Theatre, Ice Theatre of New York and independently creates performance reels, promos and miscellaneous video projects.  

American Ice Theatre's winning submission to the 2014 Urban Pic Skate contest (

Ice Theatre of New York's 2013 Kickstarter Video ; made by G Kling

2013 ITNY Holiday package - A Rockin' Romantic Holiday --Go to for more information -- video made by Garrett Kling

American Ice Theatre's Garrett Kling & Madeline Stammen perform in "Bom Bom Bom" using PicSkates.

Eleanor Feinman USFS Gold Moves, Freestyle, Ice Dance

A look at 2014 Boston Nationals through the artistic prospective of AIT Certified Choreographers Garrett Kling and Kate McSwain.