Garrett Kling is a professional figure skater, choreographer and multimedia freelancer. 

Previous and ongoing performing engagements include Holiday On IceAmerican Ice TheatreIce Theatre of New York, Willy Bietak Productions Dynamic Shows and the 2016 World Figure Skating Championships Opening Ceremonies

From rooftops to sheets of ice, Garrett choreographs for ice, dance and conceptual art. He is an international figure skating choreographer receiving his master rating with the Professional Skaters Association (2016) and is a Master Choreography Techniques graduate with American Ice Theatre (2012). He currently serves on the AIT Steering Committee. 

Receiving his B.A. magna cum laude in English/Communications at Trinity International University, he is a multimedia freelancer in journalism, writing, music editing and production. He has completed internships in Chicago and New York City.

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                                                     Photo by Tam Bui