What if every day began with the waltz? Artist Josie Elizabeth Davis asked herself this question and decided to make it into reality. It resulted into a three- week urban dance series called The Wake Up! Waltz  throughout the city of Chicago in May 2013. 

Garrett was one of the choreographers, along with Katherine Hill, Jamie Coffey, and Liana Percoco. The project aims to

"blend modern and vernacular dance, music, urban planning, and place making practices into a colorful multi-rooftop visual performance, transforming the work day of morning commuters and connecting urban residents as the Waltz is choreographed into the most unlikely of places at the most unexpected time of day."

Wake Up! Waltz was featured on ABC7 Chicago News, landed a photo in the Chicago Tribune and Garrett was interviewed in a DNA Info article. The Wake Up! Waltz is planning to expand to New York City in 2015. 

Photos taken in Haas Park at Logan Square © Garrett Kling