Garrett is on the Steering Committee for American Ice Theatre (AIT), a performing ice dance company based in Chicago. According to its website, AIT's mission is to "build a world-wide community of artists and fans of artistic skating through performance, training, and education." 

Through programs offered by AIT founder Jodi Porter, he was among the first class to graduate from Master Techniques in Choreography  (MCT) in 2012 and skates in the Dance2Ice Barre  educational video series. Currently he is a teaching assistant for MCT. 


Full body dance movement translated to the ice

Demonstrations of Retrograde and Suspension provided by:

American Ice Theatre Ensemble 2013. Choreography by Jodi Porter. Performed at Ice-Semble Chicago's Spring Repertory 2013 annual show. Performers: Eve Chalom, Katherine Hill, Garrett Kling, and Sean Marshinski. Music by, David Bedingfield.